SampleArchive Services Pte Ltd (SAS)

Formerly known as Biostorage Services Pte Ltd, SAS offers CROs, hospital labs and life sciences companies a suite of fully customizable and cost effective controlled temperature solutions as well as relevant other supporting services to store and manage their biological samples.

Turn-key Biostorage
SAS provides specialized expertise in BIOSPECIMEN STORAGE and serves as a cost-effective outsourced partner serving a range of customers from the hospitals, life sciences companies, CROs, and research institutes and independent labs. Through our inventory handling procedures, BIOSTrak software, deployed technology and our focus to integrate our customers’ needs into our processes, we provide an efficient turn-key process to cater for sample collection from the customer's labs, shipment and inventory tracking, door-to-door conveyance, real-time monitoring as well as supporting expedient sample recall from storage.

We are committed to assist our customers attain a peace of mind, knowing their important biological samples are stored in our FACILITIES – which are secured and monitored 24x7. Thorough business continuity planning and incident response plan are incorporated as part of our processes.

Inventory Management & Tracking Software
We ensure that all samples are received through our INVENTORY system software ­– which allow us to track and monitor the status and movement of every single sample within our storage facilities. This allows us to track and recall right down to each individual sample vial.

Controlled Temperature Conveyance
We ensure all samples are transported in proper cold-chain condition so that samples’ integrity are never compromised in any way during ground CONVEYANCE between labs within Singapore.

Project Consultancy
Our one-stop storage solution, which encompasses high quality customer service and value pricing based on our CONSULTANCY work model, ensures that our customers' needs always remains as our prime consideration as we incorporate their requirements into our work processes with focus on quality delivery.

Our Expertise

SAS specializes in management, controlled storage, inventory and conveyance for biological specimens for pre-clinical/clinical trials and research studies.

SAS's Core Services

SAS’s core services - bio-repository and archival storage services in Singapore offering specialized expertise in both pre-clinical and clinical biological samples management, inventory management and specialized controlled-temperature ground conveyance since year 2007.

Our Quality Management System

SampleArchive Services has an established Quality Management System (QMS) and management policies in place to govern the associated procedures required for operation, effective control of both internal and outsourced processes, risk assessment and continual improvement of SampleArchive Services’ processes. SampleArchive Services has been ISO9001:2008 certified for the scope "The Receipt, Handling, Processing, Inventory, Storage and Tracking of Biological Samples and Associated Data" (ref cert 2011-2-2035) since Nov 2011. SAS also successfully obtained ISO9001:2015 QMS certification in Nov 2016.


SampleArchive Services has launched a new ShareConveyance Services for controlled temperature ground conveyance for biological samples. Contact us to find out more.
Click the video link below for more info.


SAS’s BIOSTrak inventory management software is now deployable for customer labs. Get a proper inventory management software to manage your storage inventory. Contact us to find out more.

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