Bio-Conveyance Solution


  • We understand maintaining the stability of samples at all times is the most important and challenging aspect of sample management that affects subsequent bio-analysis. SAS provides attentive care to your samples throughout the Bio-Conveyance process, starts from conditioning, collection handling to packing to shipment, it is our priority to ensure the integrity of your samples are never compromised when they are being moved from lab to lab within Singapore.

    We use qualified controlled-temperature shippers, available for different product types and needs, such as controlled ambient (15 to 24 °C), refrigerated (2 to 8 °C), frozen (-20 to -50 °C) and cryogenic (-196 °C) transportation. All stem cell products and biological samples are packed using leak-proof and 95KPa puncture-proof specimen storage bag with absorbent material during conveyance, and carefully delivered to the customers’ lab ready for use.

Why SAS Bio-Conveyance
SAS Team is certified, trained and dedicated.
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Ready Transport Shipper Pre-conditioned temperature transport shippers are on hot standby to deploy at anytime

Point-to-Point Condition Records Real time temperature logs from point of collection to point of delivery, and is supported by immediate incidents reporting and escalation procedures.

Quick Response Dedicated in-house transport team standby for call service within 2 hours

On-the-Spot Inventory Records Real time inventory updates to our inventory system for Bio-Storage customers, available for online access.

Your Choices

Dedicated Conveyance

Just a call away to book a scheduled or ad hoc door-to-door courier service

  • One-day response
  • Choice of temperate
  • Complimentary packing and labelling
  • Option for express assist


Hitch a trip from our daily route, more than 10 routine locations to choose from. Book in 5-Easy Steps to enjoy the savings

  1. Login as registered user
  2. Pick a location and timing
  3. State the desire temperate
  4. Indicate your point of contact
  5. Receive our confirmation


Engage us to bring your pre-packed items from point to point.

  • Timely services
  • Cost effective
  • Option for express assist