Management Solution


  • BIOSTrak is a SAS-developed bio-inventory software that enables lab users to manage samples holistically by the stages of their storage lifecycle.

    The development, is drawn upon our collective experience in servicing our clients, it is the best possible Bio-Inventory Management for life sciences customers, transforming the way in managing more than 100K+ of biological samples or consumables in a lab.

Power You with Insights to Attain Research Goals

Optimize Your Storage Utilization – gain a bird’s eye view on storage utilization consistently across all equipment at multiple locations, enable lab users to better manage the storage distributions and optimize the storage space.

Improve Inventory Accountability – track every sample status and know the exact location down to individual sample vial. Make every activities count through user activity log and audit trails. Enable lab users to trace, locate and retrieve stored samples in a minute when needed, even for mass quantity.

Maximize Inventory Utilization – read and track every samples by it’s approval lifecycle stages such as when it is due for shipment to a lab, its expiry or discard date. Enable lab users to manage inventory ahead of time, draw attention and trigger for appropriate insight and follow up actions to the best use of the inventory. No more surprises.

Enhance Administration Efficiency – centralize inventory data into one single source, eliminate manual excel recording, monitoring, maintenance and reports generation. Reduce scientists’ and med techs’ administrative tasks to gain more time in serving science and discovery.

Our Software . Your Lab

BIOSTrak is fully configurable to suit your lab’s storage facilities and business needs, truly a bio-inventory system of your own.

Web based platform, ready-to-use, easy to deploy, accessible anywhere, anytime

Configurable for multiple locations, storage equipment, storage layout, and different sizes of storage box or individual vial

Customizable database, data fields, entry method, shipment setting, business rules for alerts or approval

User defined dashboard, reports and notifications according to business needs and frequency

Segregate access rights according to user profiles at your lab, with user activities log and audit trail

Your Choices

For Biological Storage customers storing with SAS

  • View inventory details
  • Generate reports

For customer’s lab storage facility with share hosting on SAS IT infrastructure.

  • Full access of BIOSTrak functionality
  • Configured for customer’s storage facility

For customer’s lab storage facility with own IT hosting.

  • Full access of BIOSTrak functionality
  • Configured for customer’s storage facility