Biological Storage Solution


  • SAS fully supports our customers in the quest for an optimized facility and expertise in managing the storage of important biological specimens with care, dedication and knowledge.

    We make available a full range of biomedical grade storage, including Ambient Storage (10 to 30 °C), Chilled Medical Fridges (2 to 8 °C), Freezer Storage (-20 to -40 °C), Ultra-Low and Cryogenic Storage (-65 to -150 °C). Our storage solution is designed to address our customers' needs and requirements for either short term storage or long-term archival, at different storage capacities and requirements.

    On top of that, we automate our customers' various needs such as inventory and recall approval process, rule-based email notifications, tracking varying expiry dates and low stock count of their stored products, management of pre-scheduled time-points collection and shipments, periodic disposal, and mass recall retrieval, and so on.

    In addition, operational staff taking care of our Storage Solutions are specially trained and certified in handling the cold-chain preservation and transportation of infectious substances or micro-organisms under International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations UN3373, UN2814 and UN2900 classifications, as well as local statutory regulations and Ministry of Health's guidelines for ground transportation under the Biological Agent and Toxin Act.

    To learn more, download our E-Brochure.

Why SAS Biological Storage
SAS Facility is secured, protected and compliant.
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Ready Solution A well invested facility with ready space, processes and resources to support your business needs.

Transparent Status 24x7 accessible software to track the status of the stored samples.

Rapid Recall Stored samples recall swiftly in one-business day, available 24x7

Inventory Custodian Inventory management, advance notification for shipment due / expiry / disposal

Your Choices

Full Turnkey

A comprehensive solution for storage, inventory management and courier services.

  • Choice of storage
  • Dedicated door-to-door conveyance
  • Complimentary packing and labelling
  • Inventory and recall management
  • Disposal handling

Pure Storage

Engage our storage only solution while having the flexibility to use your own courier arrangement.

  • Choice of storage
  • Inventory management
  • Expedient stored sample recall

Space Reserve

Support your business continuity or backup plan with our flexible storage space reserve.

  • Choice of storage
  • Flexible reserve terms
  • Optional services add-on