Our Facility

Secure . Protected . Compliant

  • At SAS, we invest in facilities and process design with an objective to assure all samples are kept secured, protected and comply to industrial standards. We deliver our commitment through our definitive process of facility and temperature management to ensure it is up-to-date and reliable at all time.

Facility and Temperature Management

  • Site Security – The premises is monitored 24x7 using motion detectors system to protect against unauthorized access and intrusion.
  • Strict Access Control – Strict access control log. Samples and storage facility are only accessible by authorized personnel.
  • Risk Management – Built with site business continuity and redundancy plans to protect against outliers and remote eventualities. Our entire facility and storage equipment are installed with real-time monitoring against temperature deviation, system abnormalities and equipment outages, integrated with a smart alerting systems that trigger for immediate verification and corrective actions. In addition, tested Business Continuity & Recovery Plans are in place to handle different types of eventualities including possible storage freezer and power outages.
  • Conformance to Industry Standards – Our site set up and processes are reviewed regularly and is compliance to CAP, GLP, GCP, IATA, ISBER regulations and industry guidelines and best practices related to biological sample storage.
  • Regular Maintenance – Storage equipment are on planned preventive maintenance, temperature mapping and validation.
  • Other General Facility Maintenance – Fire protection, pest control contract, temperature monitoring systems and periodic logs, power outage backup, air cooling systems, lab access control and logs, LCO2 redundancy supply, and more.