Our Team

Certified . Trained . Dedicated

  • At SAS, people is the most integral part in our daily operations and we believe personal commitment breeds success and improvements.

    Our motivated individuals are committed to deliver differentiating and satisfying experience to our customers while maintaining conformance in every step of the way to ensure our time critical services and temperate sensitive products are well delivered. In maintaining high level of quality, we routinely develop and review training needs, as well as regularly solicit feedback to improve our understanding of customer experiences and expectations of our products and services.

SAS Team Members are

  • Certified in IATA Dangerous Goods Division 6.2 & Class 9
  • Trained to pack and handle cryogenic bio-specimens for conveyance
  • Trained in CAP, GLP, GCP, IATA, PHMC, WSH requirements related to bio-specimen storage archival and IATA’s Dangerous Goods packaging requirements
  • Trained in full in-house quality procedures and SOPs
  • Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)